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I'm not going to go into what each different Warp Style setting
does because they are fairly self-explanatory. It is important to
know that the Warp Axis parameter specifi es whether the dis-
tortion is oriented horizontally or vertically. The default setting
is Horizontal, which basically means that it creates a horizontal
arc. Taking this value to Vertical makes a vertical arc distortion:
a completely different result. The Bend property corresponds to
the amount of warping applied (Fig. 7.98).
Next, I'm going to switch over to the star layer and apply the
Warp effect to that. I'm going to change the Warp Style to Flag.
This Warp Style distorts a layer in a wave shape, like a waving fl ag.
Note that this is not a good idea to use for actually animating a
fl ag (Fig. 7.99).
Figure 7.98 We achieve vastly
different results from the Warp
Axis property when we change
the axis to Vertical.
Figure 7.99 The star layer with
the Warp effect applied, with the
Flag Warp Style.
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