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Figure 7.96 The result of
applying the Twirl effect to our
HDR star.
The Warp Effect
If you've used the text warping features in Adobe Photoshop
or Adobe Illustrator, then you already know how to use the Warp
effect. It basically allows you to warp a layer in one of several
preset warp styles. Personally, I prefer to use other distort effects
because they give you more control over specifi c warp styles. If
I apply the Bulge preset in the Warp effect, I don't get any Bulge-
specifi c controls. If I apply the Bulge effect, I get all sorts of con-
trols that are specifi c to bulging. That's the way I roll. But that's
just my preference.
Again open the Distort.aep project. Apply the Warp effect to
the dotted line layer in the Motion Graphics comp. The default
settings for the Warp effect create an arc distortion (Fig. 7.97).
Figure 7.97 The results of
applying the Warp effect to the
dotted line layer.
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