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Figure 7.92 Applying Turbulent
Displace to the shape layer in
the HDR comp can create a fi ery
look. I achieved this by increasing
the Amount value (to 300) and
the Complexity value (to 2),
and decreasing the Size value
signifi cantly (to 3).
The Twirl Effect
The Twirl effect is one of the simplest effects in this category.
It creates a distortion that looks like someone grabbed your layer
and twisted part of it.
If you'd like to follow along, open up the Distort.aep proj-
ect from the Chapter 7 folder of the exercise fi les and apply the
Twirl effect to the various layers here. There are three parameters:
Angle, Twirl Radius, and Twirl Center. It might seem weird to you
(as it did to me) that there isn't a Twirl Amount property. This is
because the effect is brought to life by increasing the Angle value.
Then you can use the Twirl Radius value to increase the size of
the twirl and the Twirl Center value to determine where the cen-
ter of the twirl is.
Let's fi rst apply Twirl to the dotted line layer in the Motion
Graphics comp. We'll start simple. Take the Angle value to 90 and
leave all other properties at their defaults (Fig. 7.93).
You'll notice in Fig. 7.93 that the edges of the dotted line are
unaffected. This is due to the Twirl Radius setting. To have
the entire layer join the twirl party, increase the Twirl Radius.
Anything over 42 does the trick in this case (Figs. 7.94 and 7.95).
Also note that Twirl effect can also process in 32 bpc. So let's apply
Twirl effect to the shape layer in the HDR comp. When you do
so, increase the Twirl parameter above 360 degrees. When deal-
ing with rotation, one full revolution usually looks the same as no
rotation at all. With the Angle value in the Twirl effect, it doesn't
work like that. The more you increase the Angle value, the more
the layer spins around itself, creating a tighter wind. Fig. 7.96
shows the result of taking the Angle value to 4x +99 degrees, the
Twirl Radius to 90 degrees, and moving the center of the twirl
down and to the right a bit.
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