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Figure 7.87 With the
Amount value at 150 and the
Size value at 5.
Figure 7.88 Using the same
settings as those seen in
Fig. 7.87, but with a Complexity
value of 3.
You can also animate the Offset (Turbulence) property to cre-
ate the illusion that wind is blowing through your layer or that
fl ames are rising upwards. Just animate the X or Y dimension of
this parameter to achieve the desired effect.
Let's see what Turbulent Displace looks like when applied to
the other objects that we were using previously from the Distort.
aep project. Note that these are also included in the Turbulent
Displace effect for your convenience. I think the results are par-
ticularly interesting with the fractal smoke. Note that this effect
also works in 32-bpc mode, which is great for creating a fi ery look
with our HDR star in the HDR comp (Figs. 7.89-7.92).
These examples are saved in the Turbulent Displace.aep project,
if you'd like a closer look at what I've done in these fi gures.
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