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Figure 7.85 After selecting
Resize Layer, the edges look
more realistic because they are
permitted to go beyond the layer's
boundaries. Notice the visible
edges of the selected layer here.
Figure 7.86 The fl ag project with
the Amount value set to 350.
turbulent water. Use large values for large, sweeping waves of dis-
tortion (Fig. 7.87).
You can create more intricate edges by increasing the
Complexity value. This refers to the complexity of the fractal
noise making the displacement (Fig. 7.88).
All that's left now is to bring this effect to life. You can do
that with the Evolution parameter, which causes the noise to
just move around. It might as well be called the “Spring to Life”
property. In the case of our fl ag, animating this value will cause
the fl ag to wave. You can also use the Cycle Evolution parameter
(which we will cover in the Cell Pattern effect in Chapter 9) to
create a seamless loop of distortion.
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