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Figure 7.84 With Pinning set to
None, the entire layer is distorted,
but the edges are still fl at.
going to have an object dangling from another object that might
sway a little, such as clothes hanging from a clothesline. But if this
were hanging from a fl agpole, the fl ag wouldn't move so much. In
that case, you'd want to use Pin Top Locked, which restricts the
pinned side from moving at all.
Our fl ag is starting to look better. One of the biggest problems
in the current example is that our fl ag edges are fl at because the
fl ag is getting cut off at the boundaries of the layer. The solution
to this is to select the Resize Layer checkbox, below the Pinning
parameter. This allows the distortions from the Turbulent
Displace effect to go beyond the regular boundaries of the layer.
Now this is starting to look like a fl ag. And actually, if you wanted
to animate this like a fl ag on a fl ag pole, you'd probably want to
take the Pinning value to Pin Left Locked (Fig. 7.85).
Now, let's start from the top of the effect in the Effect Controls
panel and look at some of the most important settings here. In
the Displacement drop down list, you'll notice that there are dif-
ferent methods here that you can use to distort your layer. Instead
of displacing it with turbulence, for example, you can make it
bulge or twist. I usually fi nd the default value of Turbulent to be
the best setting for most jobs.
The Amount value determines the intensity of the displace-
ment. I fi nd that the default value of 50 is a little high most of the
time. For animating this fl ag, I took this down to about 35 for a
softer wave. You can also take this value ridiculously high to cre-
ate some interesting art (Fig. 7.86).
The Size value is a little abstract. This refers to the size of the
fractal noise working behind the scenes to distort the fl ag. Take
this value down really small (to about 5) if you want to create
many tiny ridges, as if you were animating something underneath
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