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Figure 7.82 The Flag comp
in the Turbulent Displace.aep
project contains a solid with the
Checkerboard effect applied.
Figure 7.83 The Flag layer after
applying the Turbulent Displace
effect. The default settings for
the Turbulent Displace effect are
shown here.
This is a really helpful setting in some instances, but this makes
our fl ag look really fake. Instead, take this value to None, which
allows the entire fl ag to be distorted. The Pinning value allows you
to determine a part of the layer to be frozen, as if it were anchored
down on a pole or if someone were holding it in place (Fig. 7.84).
You'll notice that in the Pinning drop down, there are basically
two sets of options: the group of Pinning settings at the top are
regular and the ones at the bottom have Locked at the end. Let's
take Pin Top for example. When Pin Top is selected, the entire top
edge will be restricted from warping. However, it will be allowed
to shift left and right a little bit. This would be good if you were
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