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Figure 7.81 The dotted line
layer in the Distort.aep project
with skewing from the Transform
effect. To make a layer skew from
left to right, change the Skew
Axis value to 90 degrees.
The Turbulent Displace Effect
The intent of the Turbulent Displace effect is to create organic
distortions using a Fractal Noise pattern. Because of this, you'll
notice many similarities to the pattern powerhouse, Fractal
Noise, that we'll look at in Chapter 11. Turbulent Displace effect
is almost like the Displacement Map effect that's only using the
Fractal Noise effect to create the displacement map, and you can't
see the Fractal Noise itself, only its effects.
Perhaps the most common way to use the Turbulent Displace
effect is creating waving fl ags out of fl at layers. We'll look at how
to do that, as well as what this effect looks like with some of the
other examples we've looked at in this chapter already. There are
some cool examples here, so hopefully you'll fi nd something you
can use in your workfl ow.
First, open the Turbulent Displace.aep project from the
Chapter 7 folder. Let's start in the Flag comp. This comp consists
of a solid with the Checkerboard effect applied. We'll look more at
the Checkerboard effect in Chapter 9, but just know for now that
it made this checkerboard from scratch instantly. Also notice that
the solid that this effect has been applied to is slightly smaller
than the comp. This will be important later (Fig. 7.82).
Apply the Turbulent Displace effect to the Flag layer in the Flag
comp. Right away, even without making further adjustments, you
can see the effect of distortion on this layer (Fig. 7.83).
The fi rst setting I want to address here is the Pinning prop-
erty. By default, this value is set to Pin All, which basically means
that the corners and edges remain undisplaced. Does that mean
they're just “placed”? Ha! You can see in Fig. 7.83 how the cen-
ter of the fl ag is distorted, but the corners and edges remain fl at.
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