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Figure 7.79 The extra ellipse
with the effect control point is
created by the Smear effect to
be used as a controller of sorts.
Notice how the pixels in the
source mask are being pulled
towards it.
Figure 7.80 The tail fi re of the
rocket distorted with the Smear
effect. Here, we see it scaled
down, moved, and rotated.
The Spherize Effect
The Spherize effect is the much simpler version of the Bulge
effect. Both effects create a bulging, round distortion around a
specifi ed center. The Spherize effect only allows you to control
the size of the spherical distortion (with the Radius property)
and its location (with the Center of Sphere property). So, use the
Bulge effect if you need more control. Use the Spherize effect if
you need a quick and simple bulging effect.
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