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Figure 7.76 With the Center
of Ripple in the upper left area
instead of the center.
Figure 7.77 The results of the
Ripple effect, with the Wave
Width value at 60 and the Wave
Height value at 70.
The Smear Effect
The Smear effect is very similar to the Reshape effect, except
that the Smear effect is not intended to morph a shape into
another shape. The purpose of the Smear effect is to simply
warp and smear pixels around. The controls are much easier to
understand and use than those in the Reshape effect. As with the
Reshape effect, we need to create masks to tell the Smear effect
how to do its job. We create a source mask to tell the Smear effect
which part of the layer will be distorted. We also create a bound-
ary mask to set a limit as to how much that portion of the layer
can be distorted.
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