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Figure 7.74 The glistening pool
animation preset.
Figure 7.75 After precomposing
the fractal water and applying
the Ripple effect, increasing the
Radius value will allow you create
ripples in the water. In this fi gure,
the Radius value is set to 50.
You can change the Center of Ripple value to create a different
place that the ripples emanate from (Fig. 7.76).
Since this effect essentially autoanimates, you can control the
speed with the Wave Speed property. Control the size of the rip-
ples with the Wave Width value. Control the depth (intensity) of
the ripples with the Wave Height value (Fig. 7.77).
The Ripple Phase value is like an offset for the wave distortion,
in case you'd like the wave to look differently at a particular frame
without changing any settings.
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