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Figure 7.72 The dots and lines
that connect the masks are
correspondence points. Notice
that there aren't any down at
the bottom of the masks. This
is because I didn't need them
because the effect properly
guessed how to morph this area.
Figure 7.73 The reshaping layers
must be cross-faded to create the
To see the results of this effect, I'm going to apply the chads
water—glistening pool.ffx animating preset to a solid layer. You
can fi nd this preset in the Animation Presets folder in the exercise
fi les. This animation preset creates somewhat still water, which
will be great for distorting with the Ripple effect (Fig. 7.74).
Before we apply the Ripple effect to the solid that this anima-
tion preset was applied to, we fi rst have to precompose the white
solid layer so that the Ripple effect can be seen in the fractal water.
After precomposing, apply the Ripple effect to the precomp of the
water. Increase the Radius value to about 50 to start seeing results.
The Radius value specifi es how big the rippled area is (Fig. 7.75).
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