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out exactly what this option does, so let's look at an example of it
in action.
Open up the Puppet.aep project from the Chapter 7 folder.
This project only contains one comp, which contains a shape
layer with three instances of a star and a white solid background
(Fig. 7.66 ).
Fixing the Puppet
You might notice in
these screenshots
that there are
some ugly edges on the
shape layers that have the
Puppet pins applied. This is
caused by the Glow effect.
You can fi x it by dragging
the Glow effect after the
Puppet effect (i.e., below
it in the Effect Controls
Figure 7.66 The Puppet.aep
Select the Puppet Pin tool in the toolbar at the top of the inter-
face and put a Puppet pin on the bottom star and one on the star
on the right. Leave the left star alone. Applying a Puppet pin in
the Composition panel will automatically apply the Puppet effect,
and the Puppet effect will then be added to the Effect Controls
panel (Fig. 7.67).
Figure 7.67 Place a pin on the
bottom star and put another pin
on the star on the right-hand side.
The yellow dots are the Puppet
pins I've added.
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