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Using Multiple Effects
In Chapter 22, we'll look exclusively at the topic of using multiple effects to achieve the end result. But until then,
remember that most effects only reach their true potential when combined with other effects. For example, you could use
the Offset effect to create a loop of the dotted lines, and then apply Polar Coordinates to create objects rotating around
in a circle. The anime background that we created was a great example of this as well. Remove any of the ingredients in
that recipe and the results would be dramatically different. The Polar Coordinates effect is great to use when combining
multiple effects. Try making a pattern with any other effect and then topping it off with Polar Coordinates. In many cases,
you'll create signifi cantly more interesting patterns by experimenting with this effect.
Figure 7.65 The result of my
multiple effects binge.
Remember that this texture is still “live”, meaning that I can
bring this vortex of light to life by going all the way back to the
Fractal Noise and animating the Evolution value or other prop-
erties. I've included my fi nal results in a project called Polar
Coordinates FINAL.aep that you'll fi nd in the Chapter 7 folder.
The Puppet Effect
The Puppet effect isn't really an effect, it's simply a dummy
effect (no pun intended) for the Puppet tools. The Puppet tools
are the most recent way to distort layers, and when it comes to
character animation, I might suggest that they are the best way.
Because the Puppet tools aren't really an effect, we won't cover
them here. But there is one option that is in the Puppet effect in
the Effect Controls panel: On Transparent. It's diffi cult to fi gure
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