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Figure 7.63 The anime
background is created by applying
Polar Coordinates to the fractal
Creating “Techy”
You can also
use the Polar
Coordinates effect
to create those concentric,
techy circles that were
often seen on technical
Web sites or on high-tech
electronics interfaces in
movies and TV shows.
You can create them by
making a series of short,
wide rectangles, and
then applying the Polar
Coordinates effect with
Interpolation at 100% and
Type of Conversion set to
Rectangular to Polar.
Figure 7.64 Using Radial Blur, we can smooth and tighten the edges of these lines.
around with After Effects, but adding effects is like an addiction,
and I just can't stop once I've started. Family members tried to
stage an intervention, but I'm beyond hope. So, I've indulged in
my visual arts addiction by applying the Bilateral Blur effect (with
Colorize checked, the Radius value set to 10, and the Threshold
value at 200), and then duplicated it. Then I applied the Glow
effect and adjusted to taste. I then capped it all with the prover-
bial cherry, the Levels effect, which I used to darken the shadows
and midtones (Fig. 7.65).
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