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Figure 7.61 The Polar
Coordinates effect applied to the
smoke in the Smoke comp.
Figure 7.62 The Anime
Background comp.
Unfortunately, the pixelated ugliness caused by the Polar
Coordinates effect is more than I can tolerate in this example.
Because of the nature of this example, we can turn these edges
razor sharp by (ironically) applying a blur effect. Apply the Radial
Blur effect to the fractal layer, increase the Amount value to
about 95, and then change the Type to Zoom. Because this effect
blurs pixels in the same directions as these lines, the pixelated
edges are smoothed, and we have a beautiful result. Using blurs
to enhance edges? Yep. Don't forget that the key with effects is to
know what they do so that you can use them for unconventional
purposes (Fig. 7.64).
Combining these effects is so fun that I just can't help myself.
I should be focused on writing this topic instead of playing
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