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Figure 7.59 Taking the Type
of Conversion value to Polar to
Rectangular will cause the spikes
of the star to be arranged linearly.
Here, the Interpolation value is
at 100%.
Figure 7.60 By leaving the Type
of Conversion value at Polar
to Rectangular and taking the
Interpolation value down to 50%,
we get some pretty interesting
(and beautiful) results.
Remember that the Polar Coordinates effect, along with several
others in the Distort category, operates at 32 bpc. I've included a
comp in this project called HDR if you'd like to experiment with it.
Let's move on to our project to create an anime background.
Open the Anime Background comp in this project to see the
Fractal Noise we've applied here (Fig. 7.62).
Apply the Polar Coordinates effect to the fractal layer, and
as usual, take the Interpolation setting to 100% and the Type
of Conversion to Rectangular to Polar. This creates a cool
anime-style background. It also shows how easy it is to cre-
ate motion graphics that feel like they're rushing towards the
viewer (Fig. 7.63 ).
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