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Figure 7.57 The Interpolation
value in the Polar Coordinates
effect shown at 33%.
Figure 7.58 The Polar
Coordinates effect applied to the
star layer. Here the Interpolation
value is at 50%, and the Type of
Conversion is set (as usual) to
Rectangular to Polar.
As I previously mentioned, I usually keep my Type of
Conversion setting to Rectangular to Polar. I almost never use
the Polar to Rectangular setting because the results are unpre-
dictable when used with most objects. However, if you're looking
for a simple, artsy background, “unpredictable” may be just what
you're looking for (Fig. 7.60).
When I applied the Polar Coordinates effect at the standard
settings (Interpolation at 100% and Type of Conversion set to
Rectangular to Polar) to the smoke layer in the Smoke comp, it
created the illusion of a puff of gas being emitted with force from
a small opening. Insert your own lowbrow joke here (Fig. 7.61).
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