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Figure 7.53 The original
fi sh-eye layer.
Figure 7.54 Increase the fi eld of
view (FOV) setting only, and lens
distortion is added to the layer.
this image so straight that it looks like it just graduated from a
military academy. Either that or it saw a chiropractor (Fig. 7.55).
All joking aside, the real purpose of this effect is to aid in com-
positing. If we did have to composite a character, or some other
object, into this scene, we would have a diffi cult time making
a believable composite because of the lens distortion. That is
the reason that this effect can add lens distortion or remove it.
Of course, the example I have here is exaggerated so that you can
see the results. But even a subtle inconsistency in fi eld of view
can cause a composite to look artifi cial.
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