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Figure 7.50 The dotted line layer
with four instances of the Offset
effect. Notice the highlights
created by overlapping copies
with lowered opacity.
Figure 7.51 The Offset effect
applied to the star layer, and the
star layer offset along the Y-axis.
layer increases exponentially. I wish my checking account had an
Offset effect (Fig. 7.50 ).
The Offset effect can also be helpful if you're looking for some
simple symmetry. In Fig. 7.51, I applied the Offset effect to the
star layer and offset it on the Y-axis. That's it. No copies of the
effect and no adjustment of the Blend With Original value.
In the Smoke comp, I've applied two instances of the Offset
effect to the smoke layer. I've also used Blend With Original to
create a larger wall of smoke. You could get this same effect by
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