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Figure 7.39 Link the Center
value to the Position of the
Magnifying Glass layer using the
expression pickwhip.
Figure 7.40 The Magnify effect
on the la+yer is
linked to the position of the
Magnifying Glass layer.
The Mesh Warp Effect
The Mesh Warp effect is almost like the Liquify effect discussed
earlier in this chapter. Both effects create a distortion mesh that is
used to control the pixels of a layer so that they can be distorted.
Both effects create fairly organic distortions when used temper-
ately. The difference is that in the Mesh Warp effect, you don't
have any extra tools. Instead, you edit the mesh directly.
Open the Distort.aep project from the Chapter 7 folder of the
exercise fi les. Apply the Mesh Warp effect to the dotted line layer
in the Motion Graphics comp. As soon as you apply the effect,
you will see the distortion mesh (Fig. 7.41).
As you're distorting the mesh in this effect, you'll note that
there are several ways to distort the mesh. When you click on a
grid intersection (a corner), you can move that corner around to
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