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Figure 7.37 The Magnify effect,
using the Difference blend mode.
Figure 7.38 Changing the
Blending Mode in the Magnify
effect's controls to None will hide
all nonmagnifi ed pixels.
Hit the Reset button on the Magnify effect at the top of the
Effect Controls panel. Either that or apply a new instance of the
Magnify effect to the layer. Then take the Size value
to 89, which will match the size of the glass in the magnifying
glass. Then in the Effect Controls panel, Alt(Win)/Opt(Mac),
click the stopwatch for the Center property. Then go down to
the Timeline panel and click and drag the pick whip that just
showed up to the Position property of the Magnifying Glass layer
(Fig. 7.39 ).
Once you've done this step, the magnifi ed area will follow the
magnifying glass wherever it goes (Fig. 7.40).
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