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The Link drop down contains interesting options. If you
change this value from the default to Size to Magnifi cation, it
will link these two properties. Size still acts independently, but
when you adjust Magnifi cation, the size of the magnifi ed area
also increases. This drop down will also allow you to link Size and
Feather to Magnifi cation.
Another property that deserves coverage is the Scaling drop
down. If you increase the Magnifi cation property a lot, it can
become pixelated. You can change the Scaling value to Soft to
smooth out the results. You can also change it to Scatter, which
creates a grainy result (Figs. 7.34-7.36).
Figure 7.34 Magnify applied
to other footage, with a
Magnifi cation value of 450, and
the Scaling value set to Standard.
Usually, I don't mention the Blending Mode drop down because
it's obvious what it does. But with this effect, realize that this drop
down can help you create a distinct look for your magnifi ed area.
You might use the Magnify effect to create a POV shot through a
rifl e scope, for example. You may want to use a different blend
mode to make the scope view stand out more from its back-
ground (Fig. 7.37).
Or, if the scope view is what you're going for, you could also
just change the Blending Mode from Normal to None, to isolate
the magnifi ed area (Fig. 7.38).
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