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Magnify effect looks like on its own. It's a little diffi cult to see the
results with this footage until we change the settings (Fig. 7.32).
Figure 7.32 The Magnify effect
applied to the layer.
In the Effect Controls panel, you can change the shape from
Circle to Square. You can move the magnifi ed area around with
the Center property. You can intensify or reduce the amount of
zoom with the Magnifi cation parameter. After increasing the
Magnifi cation and moving the center of the Magnify effect, the
effect results become easier to see. Note that if you want a layer
to magnify beyond its boundaries, you'll need to select the Resize
Layer checkbox at the bottom of the effect (Fig. 7.33).
Figure 7.33 The Magnify
effect is more obvious in this
example when the Center value is
adjusted, and the Magnifi cation
value is increased. Here, the
Magnifi cation value is above 400.
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