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The way that the Liquify works its magic behind the scenes is
that it creates an invisible mesh around the object, and then dis-
torts the layer as the mesh is distorted. You can click the stop-
watch for the Distortion Mesh property to animate your changes
to the mesh. Or, you can animate all changes at once with the
Distortion Percentage value. I can take this value to 50%, which
will reduce the amount of all distortions by half (Fig. 7.29).
Figure 7.29 With the Distortion
Percentage value at 50%, all of
my distortions are still here but
are now less intense.
What might not be as obvious is that you can actually take this
value above 100%, which will further exaggerate the applied dis-
tortions (Fig. 7.30).
Figure 7.30 The same image
with my Distortion Percentage
value at 150%.
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