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Figure 7.25 The tools in the
Liquify effect.
fi nger. Just click and drag to pull pixels as you please. If you want
to change the size of your brush, open the Warp Tool Options area
in the Effect Controls panel and change settings like Brush Size or
Brush Pressure. Note that some keyboard shortcuts for painting
work here as well, such as holding the Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) key
while dragging your cursor in the Composition panel to dynami-
cally resize your paintbrush (Fig. 7.26).
Figure 7.26 I used the Warp
tool in the Liquify to readjust the
pixels in the baby's mouth. Why
so serious?
Immediately below the Warp tool, you'll fi nd the Bloat tool,
which is like a mini-Bulge effect. It puffs up areas of pixels, mak-
ing them appear bloated (Fig. 7.27).
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