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“why didn't you just convert it to gray-
scale, moron?” That's a great question.
But we really do want the map soft like
this, or else there will be tearing when
the layer is displaced. The map looks
awful by itself but trust me on this one
folks—it will work great as a displace-
ment map.
Next comes the import into After
Effects. If you want your displacements
to be precise (such as in our case with
this photo), it is absolutely critical that
your displacement map and your photo
be the exact same size. The best way
to ensure that is to import the PSD fi le
as a Composition (NOT Composition—
Cropped Layers), so that your layers
and their accompanying displacement
maps are imported at the size of the
Now let's play Dr. Frankenstein and
bring this photo to life. Back in After
Effects, apply the Displacement Map effect
to the chad layer in the Chad displaced
comp. Initially, the results look bad. This
is because the effect uses the layer it was
applied to as the displacement map. So,
the fi rst thing we want to do is to change
the Displacement Map Layer drop down
to the chad DIS layer. The chad DIS layer is
our displacement map.
You can use the Displacement Map effect to displace a layer
horizontally or vertically. In this case, we'll be displacing my face
horizontally and ignoring the vertical settings. But for future ref-
erence, vertical displacement is helpful for things that are moving
upwards, such as our earlier example of fi re on the beach. In that
case, horizontal displacement would not be very useful. I've also
used horizontal and vertical displacement together for a soda
ad that needed the bottle to rotate, but all I had access to was a
photo of the bottle at a diagonal angle. I used both horizontal and
vertical displacement to make the bottle rotate diagonally.
Speaking of vertical displacement, we need to turn it com-
pletely off. Take the Use For Vertical Displacement drop down list
to Off. Then take the Max Vertical Displacement value to 0. And
yes, you do need to do both.
Now, take the Use For Horizontal Displacement drop down to
Lightness, as we'll be using the brightness of our displacement map
Figure 7.20 The photo of myself in Photoshop.
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