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decide that you are going to get pizza. Perhaps you even narrow
it down to a pizza with some type of meat on it. So, you send out
one of your buddies to go get the pizza and bring it back home.
Upon their return, they inform you that they brought back a pizza
with extra anchovies. Yuck! They followed your instructions to the
letter—a pizza with meat. But that's not what you had in mind.
So you might send your buddy back to the pizza place to pick up
another pizza using your same criteria.
This is a lot like using Random Seed. It keeps all the settings of
the effect unchanged (like your rules for dinner—pizza with meat),
and then gives you variations of the effect based on those settings.
Random Seed is great if a pattern is created that has an element in
the wrong spot or if you just want to rearrange things a bit.
Composite on Original
Composite on Original settings come in many forms. A similar
property might be called Blend with Original, Opacity, or some-
thing similar. Basically, this allows the effect to blend in with the
original layer. If you applied Fractal Noise to a layer with video to
create a fog effect, you might change the blend mode or lower its
Opacity value.
Personally, I prefer the power of having effects on their own
independent layer so that I can adjust them as I please without
affecting my source footage. This is why I frequently use solid lay-
ers so that I can keep my effects as autonomous layers.
About the Artbeats Footage
The stock video powerhouse,, has graciously pro-
vided some great stock video clips for us to use in this topic. They
can be found in the Artbeats folder in the Media folder in the
exercise fi les that are on this disc. The versions that I will be using
in my screenshots will be at full video resolution. Note that the
versions included on the disc are half size (320 × 240 pixels), and
are also watermarked. If you care to purchase the full-resolution
clips, you can fi nd the clips of the same name (and many more)
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