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Gradient Overlay layer style, reversed it (so that black was on bot-
tom and white was on top) and drastically reduced the Opacity of
the Gradient Overlay (to about 30%). This helps to simulate the
glare from the lights in the room. While it's not perfect, the results
are signifi cantly more believable than they were before. If you'd
like to deconstruct what I've done here, I've included my work in
a project called Corner Pin FINISH.aep in the Chapter 7 folder of
the exercise fi les (Fig. 7.17).
Figure 7.17 The fi nal results of
my compositing.
References and
Corner Pin and Star Wars Text
Another very common use of the Corner Pin effect is to create
text that mimics the “scrolling into outer space” look on the text
introductions at the beginning of the Star Wars movies. Switch
over to the Star Text comp in the Corner Pin.aep project. Here, we
have a big block of static text (Fig. 7.18).
It's always a
good idea to use
reference material
when compositing. In this
computer monitor seen,
I was constantly going
back to the original screen
for clues as to how to
composite the adobe-
pumpkin layer. In other
instances, you may need
to do a Google image
search or go out and take
your own pictures. You'll
be surprised at how much
better your compositing is
for having used reference
Apply the Corner Pin effect to the text layer in the Star Text
comp. Next, take the top two corner points down (about 150 pix-
els from the top of the comp) and in towards the middle of the
comp. If desired, you can also move the bottom points away
from each other along the X-axis. This distortion creates the illu-
sion that our text is receding into the far reaches of the galaxy.
In Fig. 7.19, I've also added a background layer of Fractal Noise
applied to a solid. To create the starfi eld, I increased the Contrast
to about 600, decreased Brightness to about -230, and reduced
Scale (in the Transform area) to about 3. Now, all we need is to
apply a text animator to create scrolling text.
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