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Figure 7.9 The Bulge effect
applied to the star layer, using
another elliptical-shaped
distortion area.
Now, let's hop on over to the Smoke comp and apply the Bulge
effect to the smoke layer. I made the Horizontal Radius and Vertical
Radius values very large. I then moved the Bulge Center off to the
side. This created the effect of a blowing wind, coming from the left of
the smoke. You see, the Bulge effect (and other Distort effects) don't
have to directly distort an object. Sometimes they can be used as
forces that act upon an object, from wind to a karate kick (Fig. 7.10).
Figure 7.10 The Bulge effect
applied on the smoke layer, to
the side of the actual smoke. This
creates the appearance of a slight
The Corner Pin Effect
If you've only played with a handful of effects in After Effects,
chances are that one of them was the Corner Pin effect. As one of
the most popular and prolifi c effects in After Effects, the Corner
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