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Figure 7.7 The Bulge effect
applied to the dotted line layer.
You can use the Horizontal Radius and Vertical Radius val-
ues to create a bulge shape that is more elliptical than circular.
In this way, you can create non-uniform squishes and bulges
(Fig. 7.8 ).
Figure 7.8 The bulged dotted
lines as before but with the
Vertical Radius squashed down to
about 30.
Let's now try applying the Bulge effect to the star layer. Be
sure to also turn off the visibility of the dotted line layer. For the
bulging of the star layer, I'm going to use the same basic settings
I used for bulging the dotted lines. Notice the absence of pixela-
tion in distorted areas, due to the vector nature of the shape layer
star. The Bulge effect seems to almost create an eye shape out of
our star (Fig. 7.9).
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