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Figure 7.5 The Bezier Warp.aep
project in its default state.
Figure 7.6 The paper looks more
realistic after being distorted (and
animated) with the Bezier Warp
folded over. I did this purposely to show you what this looks like.
There's a little sliver of transparency that also folds over, causing
a small hole in your layer. You'll also notice some blocky, aliased
pixels on corners that have been folded over. These little prob-
lems might not make the effect worthwhile if you're looking for
bended corners, so it's something to be aware of.
I suppose the moral of the story is that the Bezier Warp effect
is not good for folding objects on top of themselves. But for eas-
ily warping the corners of objects (and even animating that warp-
ing), the Bezier Warp effect does a pretty good job.
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