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Figure 7.3 The fractal smoke in
the Smoke comp.
Figure 7.4 The High Dynamic
Range (HDR) shape layer in the
High Dynamic Range comp.
the two other points as tangents. And, other than a Quality prop-
erty, this effect only consists of these 12 warp points. Keep in
mind that all these points can be animated.
Because this effect creates smooth distortions around its edges,
it's great for warping virtual paper. The regular Distort.aep project
isn't the best to demonstrate this effect. So for this example, we're
going to use the Bezier Warp.aep project in the Chapter 7 folder
of the exercise fi les (Fig. 7.5).
Apply the Bezier Warp effect to the PAPER precomp layer.
Adjust the vertices and tangents as desired. When you're done,
you should have very organic, paper-like distortions, such as
those seen in Fig. 7.6. Notice that the upper right corner is even
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