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Now let's see what the Tint effect looks like applied to video.
Switch over to the other comp with the Artbeats video footage in it.
Apply the Tint effect. As previously mentioned, when you fi rst apply
this effect to footage, it completely strips the color (Fig. 6.105).
In the case of this video clip, I want a very different look. As
seen in Fig. 6.102, the whole footage is tinted in cool tones. So, I'm
going to choose a deep dark red for the Map Black To value, and
a pale orangish-yellow for the Map White To value. The results are
very different, but not of the “me in high school” kind, but a good
change (Fig. 6.106).
Figure 6.105 When applying
the Tint effect, the colors in the
footage are turned to grayscale.
Figure 6.106 The results
of remapping shadows to dark
red and highlights to bright
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