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For practicing with the Tint and Tritone effects, I've created a
project called Tinting.aep that you'll fi nd in the Chapter 6 folder
of the exercise fi les. This project has two compositions. The gray-
scale pattern comp contains a watery pattern created with the
Fractal Noise effect that is in desperate need of color (Fig. 6.101).
The other comp contains a cool Artbeats video of some CG
elements spinning around (Fig. 6.102).
Let's start with the grayscale pattern comp. Apply the Tint effect
to the layer here. When the Tint effect is fi rst applied, it remaps
the darkest tones to black and the brightest tones to white, turn-
ing it grayscale. When applied to grayscale footage, there is no
visible change.
Figure 6.101 The Fractal
Noise pattern in the grayscale
pattern comp.
Figure 6.102 The Artbeats video
clip in the Tinting.aep project.
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