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again to get nine more variations that are similar to the one you've
selected. To make these nine variations closer to the one you've
selected, take down the Randomness value. You can also include
multiple patterns in the next Brainstorm, if you choose.
You can also go back and forth to previous groups of
Brainstormed patterns by clicking the back (left arrow) button
to the right of the Brainstorm button. Brainstorm also works on
animated effects. Click the play button in the Brainstorm win-
dow to see what your animations look like with the new patterns
(Fig. 1.14 ).
Figure 1.14 Telling Brainstorm
that you want to include a
pattern in the next iteration of
Brainstorming tends to make
other patterns like the one you've
chosen. Note that I've also taken
down the Randomness value
to 20%.
Note that you can also use Brainstorm as a way to learn After
Effects. If you're not sure what a certain property or effect can do,
simply select it, then open Brainstorm. It will only give you ran-
dom versions of the properties or effects that you've selected.
That way, you can more clearly see what that particular effect or
value does.
Common Effect Parameters
Some properties in effects are seen all over the place. Just so we
don't have to repeat the same information over and over, let's get
familiar with a few of them here.
Effect Control Points
Many effects will have something called an effect control
point for certain values. These indicate a point with an XY axis
(Fig. 1.15 ).
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