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Figure 6.95 The image in the
Photo Filter.aep project.
Figure 6.96 The Photo
Filter effect with the Density
value at 75%.
I'm going to take the Density back down to its default value of
25%. One of the advantages of this effect is that it offers a quick
way to eliminate color casts. We already had a warm tint going
into this, so we can apply a cooling fi lter to counteract the warm
tint. In the Filter drop down list, select the Cooling Filter (80). In
case you were wondering, the numbers in parentheses can be
thought of as the intensity of the fi lter. Thus, the Cooling Filter
(80) creates a more subtle cooling effect than the Cooling Filter
(82). This is just the right amount of coolness to balance out the
warm cast that was there in this image (Fig. 6.97).
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