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We can adjust the midtones of this image by using the middle
triangle slider underneath the histogram. Remember that drag-
ging to the left increases brightness, and dragging to the right
reduces brightness. Drag the center triangle to the right to darken
the midtones to taste. This is like clicking in the center of the
curve and dragging downwards in the Curve effect. The results
are a vast improvement over the initial image (Fig. 6.88).
Figure 6.88 The histogram and
fi nal results with Levels applied to
the sea lions layer.
Another trick when using the Levels effect (or any other color
correction effect for that matter) is to apply another instance
of the Levels effect on top of all of the other effects that you've
added. This extra copy of the effect is not to make adjustments,
but to use its histogram to get a readout of the new luminance
values (Fig. 6.89).
Next, let's switch gears and go over to the fi reworks comp. This
comp contains an image of fi reworks, taken while it was still dusk.
So, the fi reworks aren't quite so bright, and the sky isn't quite dark
enough (Fig. 6.90).
Apply the Levels effect to these fi reworks. As before, check the
histogram to see the exact problem with this image. Notice that
even though we want this image to be darker, there is still pure
black already here. And, we're also missing pure white and almost
all highlights (Fig. 6.91).
So, as before, drag the white point slider in to the fi rst pixel,
and drag the midtone slider to the right to darken the midtones
to taste (Fig. 6.92).
As with this example in Curves, the results are too red for my
taste. We can fi x this by going to the Channel drop down at the
top of the effect in the Effect Controls panel, and changing the
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