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right once you've gotten to the fi rst pixel. If you go any farther,
you'll lose details in the shadow areas. You can also fi x the high-
lights in your image by dragging the white point to the left to the
fi rst pixel (the bump on the graph) that you come to (Fig. 6.86).
Our sea lion image is now starting to look much better. The
contrast particularly has improved immensely. The highlights
are a little brighter, and there are now dark portions of our image
as well. But, even though the highlights and shadows now look
good, overall the image is too light for my taste (Fig. 6.87).
Figure 6.86 Drag the black point
slider to the right to the fi rst pixel
to get perfect shadow areas,
and drag the white point slider
to the left to the fi rst pixel to get
perfect highlight areas.
Figure 6.87 The image looks
much better, but the midtones are
still too bright.
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