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Clicking the leftmost button will maximize a pattern (Fig. 1.13).
The second button (that looks like a disc icon) is used for when
you've found a pattern that you like but don't want in your cur-
rent composition. Click this icon to have After Effects create
a new composition and a new solid with these effects applied
with these settings. When you've completed your work with
Brainstorm, you'll fi nd the new comp waiting for you in the
Project panel.
The third button from the left (with a checkmark) indicates
that you've found the exact settings you're looking for. Clicking
this button will close Brainstorm and change the settings of
Fractal Noise and Tritone to match the pattern you selected in
The button on the far right is Include in Next Brainstorm. This
is your way of telling Brainstorm that it's getting close to some-
thing you like. Click this button, then click the Brainstorm button
Figure 1.12 Hovering your cursor
over one of the results gives you
four buttons.
Figure 1.13 Maximize a pattern
by clicking the fi rst button on
the left.
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