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For what it's worth, I use the Hue/Saturation effect frequently.
It's very simple to use, and you can do a lot with the few param-
eters here. It also does a pretty good job of selecting colors to iso-
late for editing.
The Leave Color Effect
The Leave Color effect allows you to select a color to leave
behind, while you desaturate other colors. This can create a really
cool effect, like that seen in the movie Schindler's List . And I'm
not sure exactly why, but this effect seems to do a much better
job at selecting color than other color-selecting effects, like the
Change to Color effect. It also seems to do a better job of ignoring
the large amount of noise in images.
For this example, I'm going to import the bird.tif image from
the Images folder in the Media folder of the exercise fi les. Add this
image to a comp and apply the Leave Color effect. We looked at
this same image earlier in this chapter for the Change Color and
Change to Color effects (Fig. 6.82).
Figure 6.82 The bird.tif image.
The fi rst thing we want to do here is to select the Color to
Leave. This is the color that will remain when all other colors
are desaturated. I'm going to click the eyedropper next to the
Color to Leave property, and then click in the blue background
in the bird layer in the Composition panel. Then increase the
Amount to Decolor property to determine how much other col-
ors (besides the Color to Leave color) will be desaturated. A value
of 100% will completely desaturate the other colors in the image.
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