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sky and the shorts of the girl on the right, only those colors were
adjusted (Fig. 6.80).
We can also perform adjustments that are more practical. I'm
going to change the Channel Control value to Yellows, which
will allow me to adjust the fi eld that the girls are running on.
It looks like it should be green, but it's kinda dying, yellow, and
dry. Remember the opposite of yellow? It's blue. So, here's a little
trickā€”if you want to make grass and other greenery seem more
alive and rich, add a little blue. With the Channel Control value at
Yellows, take the Yellow Hue value to 40 degrees to add some life
to this dying grass (Fig. 6.81).
Figure 6.80 By selecting Blues
in the Channel Control drop
down, only the blue colors in this
footage are altered when we
adjust the hue.
Figure 6.81 The grass looks
much more alive once we
selectively adjust the yellows and
shift their hues a little.
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