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Figure 6.77 Adjusting the Hue
property for the entire image
will shift the colors through
the color spectrum, creating
weird results. Here, the Master
Hue value was taken to about
200 degrees.
Figure 6.78 The result of
reducing the Master Saturation
We can also adjust the Master Saturation property to manipu-
late the saturation for the entire image. This is much more help-
ful than Master Hue is, in my experience. In Fig. 6.78, I reduced
the Master Saturation amount by about half (50), which created a
nostalgic feel.
Going down the list in the Effect Controls panel, the next prop-
erty we come to is Master Lightness. Don't ever ever use this on
images. This property is the equivalent of the Brightness slider in
the Brightness & Contrast effect. It universally lightens or dark-
ens all pixels, which results in bad images. See the Brightness &
Contrast effect earlier in this chapter for an example of the kind
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