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with a lightning bolt—get it? BRAIN/STORM! Ha! I loved it!), but
now it just looks like a thought bubble with a light bulb (Fig. 1.9).
After clicking the Brainstorm icon, the Brainstorm feature opens
up, giving you nine variations of these two effects (Fig. 1.10).
By default, the Randomness value is set to 25%. But I want to
give Brainstorm a more creative license, I'm going to up that value
to 100%. To see nine more variations with our current settings,
click the Brainstorm button (Fig. 1.11).
You can continue to click the Brainstorm button, which will
give you nine more variations each time. Once you've found a
pattern you like, hover your cursor over the pattern to get access
to four important options (Fig. 1.12).
Figure 1.9 The Brainstorm icon
in the Timeline panel.
Figure 1.10 Opening Brainstorm
shows you nine variations of the
parameters in this effect.
Figure 1.11 After increasing
the Randomness value to
100%, Brainstorm returns much
wilder results.
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