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32 bits per channel. So, let's
fi x this. We can't put this layer
or even this comp into 32 bits
per channel mode. Bit depth
is a function of the entire After
Effects project. So, go back to
the Project panel, and Alt(Win)/Opt(Mac)+click the project color
depth display at the bottom of the panel until it displays 32 bpc
(Fig. 6.69 ).
As soon as the bit depth of the project is changed to 32 bits per
channel, the results are instantly corrected. This is because there
are more colors available in the 32 bits per channel mode, so
there is more scope for editing (Fig. 6.70).
Figure 6.69 The project bit
depth display at the bottom of the
Project panel. Alt/Opt+click this
display to change the bit depth of
the project to 32 bpc.
Figure 6.70 After the bit depth of
the project is expanded, the ugly
colors fi x themselves.
The Gamma/Pedestal/Gain Effect
The Gamma/Pedestal/Gain effect is an effect that I rarely use.
It's yet another luminance correcting effect, like Levels or Curves,
but without a graphic interface. The downside of this is that it's
a little more challenging to learn and use. One benefi t of this
effect, is that you can use these controls to power expressions.
Of course, if that was your reason for choosing this effect in the
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