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Figure 6.66 The Camera Raw
Image comp in the Exposure.aep
adjust the properties in the Master area, but then the individual
color channel controls are not adjustable. Selecting Individual
Channels as the Channels value will allow you to adjust the Red,
Green, and Blue values, but it will gray out the controls in the
Master area.
I usually leave the Channels value set to its default of Master.
This is because the Exposure effect attempts to use camera ter-
minology and behavior to adjust luminance, and the Master con-
trols are more suitable for this.
The After Effects help documentation suggests viewing the
Exposure property as f-stops on a camera. Accordingly, increas-
ing the Exposure value will brighten an image, and decreasing it
will darken an image. The results are pretty good, and we can get
these results by just adjusting one property (Fig. 6.67).
The Gamma Correction property can make images lighter or
darker by, respectively, increasing or decreasing its value. The
Gamma Correction default value of 1 has no effect. We can use
the Offset property to adjust (darken or brighten) shadows and
midtones while leaving highlights largely unaffected. However, if
I decide to reduce the Offset value (by even −0.06!), you can see
that things fall apart very fast (Fig. 6.68).
The reason why this looks terrible is that we're editing in 16 bits
per channel. Technically, this effect also works at 8 and 16 bits. In
practice, however, it doesn't work all that great unless you're in
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