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Remember that animation presets can contain animation, and
so can their previews. Click a preview once in Bridge to select it.
It will then display a larger preview in the Preview panel on the
right-hand side of the interface. It will have its own scrubbable
timeline (Fig. 1.8).
Figure 1.8 When a preset is
selected, you can get a larger,
animated preview in the Preview
panel in Adobe Bridge.
To apply an animation preset from Bridge, just double click it
in Bridge. This applies to text animation presets as well.
Using Brainstorm with Effects
Introduced in After Effects CS3, Brainstorm allows you to see
random variations of settings. This is particularly helpful with
effects. You can even select multiple effects in the Effect Controls
panel and see random variations of all the properties of both
effects. Or, in the Timeline panel, you can select just one param-
eter of an effect to see random versions of the effect, with only
that property changing.
I'm going to create a new solid layer by going to the Layer
menu at the top of the interface and choosing Layer>New>Solid.
You can also create solid layers by using the keyboard shortcut
Ctrl+Y(Win)/Cmd+Y(Mac)—a useful shortcut to memorize for
going through this topic. I'll then apply the Fractal Noise effect,
followed by the Tritone effect. Next, I'll select both effects in the
Effect Controls panel using the Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) key. Now
I'm ready to have Brainstorm create some random results for
me. Click the Brainstorm icon at the top of the Timeline panel.
Brainstorm used to have the coolest icon of all time (A big brain
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