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Using the Input Phase Controls
We're now going to back up a step and look at some of the
Input Phase controls. The Input Phase controls allow you to
determine which color attribute (e.g. intensity, saturation, and
so on) will be included in the Colorama calculations. You can, of
course, choose color attributes from the current layer, but you
can also choose color attributes from another layer.
I'm going to go back to the Ramp precomp layer in the Mt
Rainier comp, and I'll apply the Deep Ocean preset from the Use
Preset Palette drop down in the Output Cycle area (Fig. 6.48).
Figure 6.48 The Ramp layer with
the Deep Ocean Colorama preset
The layer underneath this Ramp layer is a video clip of Mt
Rainier. The Mt Rainier layer is currently off, but you can see what
this clip looks like in Fig. 6.49.
We'll come back to this Mt Rainier clip in just a moment. First,
let's look at the top of the Input Phase controls. The fi rst option is
the Get Phase From drop down, which determines what attributes
of the current layer are used in Colorama. The next option, Add
Phase, allows you to add a phase (or a set of color attributes) to
the results on this layer. From the Add Phase drop down, I'm going
to choose the Mt Rainier layer. Instantly, the results update, and
we see the image of Mt Rainier in the current result. From the Add
Phase From drop down, you can specify the color attributes to
use from the Add Phase layer. Think of Add Phase From as being
exactly like Get Phase From, but for the other layer (Fig. 6.50).
To use only the phase from the Mt Rainier layer, change the Get
Phase From value to Zero. This will completely ignore the gradi-
ent ramp on this layer (Fig. 6.51).
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