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Using Output Cycle Presets
Now we come to the easy part of the Colorama effect—the
presets. At the top of the Output Cycle area in the Effect Controls
panel, you'll see the Use Preset Palette drop downs. They contain
a wide array of useful presets that you can use as they are, or as
starting points for your own color cycles. The top half of the list
is for utilitarian purposes, and the presets on the bottom are for
creative, colorful uses (Fig. 6.45).
I'm going to hop over to the Turbulent Noise composition. This
contains a grayscale pattern created with the Turbulent Noise
effect. Many effects, such as Fractal Noise, Cell Pattern, and Wave
World, only create grayscale patterns as Turbulent Noise does.
Figure 6.45 The list of output
cycle presets.
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