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you could deselect the Interpolate Palette option in the Output
Cycle area. Notice how this also removes the smooth gradations
in the output-cycle color wheel (Fig. 6.43).
Figure 6.43 The results of deselecting the Interpolate Palette option.
Before we cover the presets that ship with Colorama, remem-
ber that you can also repeat the entire gradient by increasing the
Cycle Repetitions value. Let's say you were using Colorama to cre-
ate a cloudy background. You can manually make a color wheel
that has blue and white alternating all around it. That would take
a while to create. Instead, you could simply make a color wheel
that had one instance of blue and white (or, one cloud), and then
increase the Cycle Repetitions value to suit your taste (Fig. 6.44).
Figure 6.44 Increasing the Cycle
Repetitions value causes the
same pattern to repeat. In this
example, I used the same gradient
from Fig. 6.41 with the Cycle
Repetitions value increased to 9.
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